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HH is back 
07:33am 21/08/2008

we've gone live!!

The new home for Heavenly Hair!!

You will have to join up again if you want access now.

Shiin has still not been back online to give us access.

We are  hoping to transfer members and datat but we cannot do that till she is around.

We thought it best to open up incase she doesn't get back to us for weeks!

Новый "старый" мишка 
12:39am 26/02/2008
  Мишка без имени, имя ему даст мама.

28 см, мохер, опилки, минеральный гранулят, шплинтовое крепление.

Это мой второй "самостоятельный" медведь.

Рассмотреть, 48,70 КБ, 400x599Collapse )
Lots of lovely Roving on E Bay 
10:29am 21/02/2008
  Just a quick heads up to let you know i've listed some really bright roving on e bay, theres loads of different pink, green, blue, black and white, all weighed and priced fairly, colours are all vivid and solid.



looking for headbands 
08:05pm 27/08/2007

Hi.  Can you help me out with finding wide non lace headbands to hide your own hair when wearing falls? I'm looking for plain black and everything I've found is either lace or has a print.  Thanks.

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Too lazy to make my own roving 
05:28pm 18/08/2007
  What brand or kind of wool yarn can I use that looks slubby? Thanks everyone!  
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Hair Falls workshops, Takoma Park, DC 
03:24pm 16/07/2007


Heads up, Balt-Wash locals!   

I & a friend are teaching a pony falls & pieces workshop on Aug 2 & 12 at her home in Takoma Park MD. We will have a plethora of materials available, from plastics to wools, bases, pins & attachments for your clubbing/Burning Man/tribal dance/ dressing up needs.  To reserve a spot & guarantee enough materials, paypal $30 to spclwil  [AT] yahoo.com. and please comment on any favorite color/material you expect to want for yourself, and that you heard about it from my post.  I'll be teaching the wools on Aug 2 while Sherri rocks the plastique both days.

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Fundraiser! SALE %50 OFF! 
01:45pm 05/06/2007
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04:42pm 26/04/2007
  spring Clearance*Plastic Tubing* 50% off

NOTE: Black is currently sold out



*paypal only
*worldwide shipping!
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Cleaning time 
10:05pm 18/04/2007
  Cleaning time! Open to offers as well!!

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10:21pm 15/04/2007
  I swear I'm just going to throw this stuff out the window. ^_^ Anyways-- here's my lot of hair up for sale and open to offers.

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how much soap??? 
03:40pm 10/04/2007
mood: curious
Hey im Laura, im new here, been messing around with fake hair for around 6 years now and finally have the time to start something new.

i've recently purchased some wool roving and have had a good look through all the available tutorials and now have a pretty good idea of what to do.
However the only one thing im still unclear about is excatly how much soap to use? im going to be using a standard rectangular washing up bowl

any help would be greatly appriciated as i dont want to use too much or too little and end up ruining my dreads
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Anyone need rexlace & hair? 
07:32am 10/04/2007
  I have some excess rexlace just laying around. Anyone need/want any? Taking pretty much any offer on it. I don't have nay pictures of the hair, but will get one soon if anyone is interetsed.

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First attempt at roving 
12:59pm 22/03/2007
  I normally wear synthetic hair but I thought I would give wool a try. Here is how they turned out after using red, orange and purple kool aid. I wanted different shades of red:

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Fake hair and Rexlace 
07:10pm 08/03/2007
  Auction here for those interested--

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12:27pm 01/03/2007
  hey, I'm new here. My name is Kat & I'm looking to get into dread making for myself & to sell on if they're successful.

A while ago (about 3 years now) I started experimenting with making fake hair out of wool and then I gave up because I sucked. I sold all my wool and just put it all behind me. Now the craving as come back.

I bought some roving wool off ebay (linkage: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=004&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWN%3AIT&viewitem=&item=140086090158&rd=1&rd=1
so you know what type of roving I'm using)

I found a tutorial on a website (linkage: http://www.angelfire.com/freak2/rovingtutorial/) which suggests soaking the wool with hot water & *any* soap with a high pH (does this mean clothes-washing-detergent liquid, hand-soap, fabric conditioner?) to let it "felt" before twisting/moulding it into dread shapes. I did that, and it worked on the day but the next day it'd poofed out a bit so I resoaked and it stayed...now I'd like to know is this the best way to make wool dreads? The tutorial says to use hot water. I tried luke warm and then gradually got hotter until I settled with using boiling water (obviously with a bit of cold in it to avoid melting my hands) and then I wondered how can I make it keep its shape? Is using hair moose advisable? I thought maybe it'd help them stay smooth and stuck together. AS I said, I'm new to this and I can't remember how my friend used to make them - we've lost touch over the 3years so I can't ask her.

They seem okay for today (did them yesterday & day before) but obviously using straighteners will flatten them & I'm worried a hairdryer will make it all fluffy. (Am I making sense?) I was wondering if a) anyone had any technique for treating and using this wool or b) if there was another way that might be better. Also, how do you stop the ends fraying? One bit of dread is twisted and I'm worried it'll untwist and look stupid. I'll post pictures of my creations later but any help would be amazing!!

Thanks very much for sticking with this post for this long!
~ K@

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New Bloo- X posted 
10:29pm 29/01/2007
  These were made for me by Skits Roving. There are 22 installed 'cos they're so huge. MMMM snuggly!
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new slub falls I made 
10:01pm 27/01/2007
  I love working with wool slub. I found some realy bright multicolored slub the other day, and so I made a set of falls.

more info in my journal.
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Thanks for your help :) 
09:48pm 24/01/2007
  aaaaaaaaaages ago... like... last 08/06 i posted asking for help on felting dreads. this is just one pic of the falls i (/with help from my best mate) made:
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Pirate hat with Slub dreads 
01:33pm 15/01/2007
  Now I can Keep my wild hair, and Keep my head warm at the same time.

the hat is designed to be worn over existing extentions/falls, or by itself with falls/extentions tied/cliped into it, for a interchangeable instant look. I took a black sock hat, and sewed it into a tube hat, then added the jolly rodger patch to the front. On the inside, I sewed a heavy duty ribbon, and tied some autumn colored wool slub DE extentions into it. walla! Instant Pirate! I'm so proud of myself. (and my daughter loves it too!)


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