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Hair Falls workshops, Takoma Park, DC


Heads up, Balt-Wash locals!   

I & a friend are teaching a pony falls & pieces workshop on Aug 2 & 12 at her home in Takoma Park MD. We will have a plethora of materials available, from plastics to wools, bases, pins & attachments for your clubbing/Burning Man/tribal dance/ dressing up needs.  To reserve a spot & guarantee enough materials, paypal $30 to spclwil  [AT] and please comment on any favorite color/material you expect to want for yourself, and that you heard about it from my post.  I'll be teaching the wools on Aug 2 while Sherri rocks the plastique both days.

Each person would contribute $30 towards materials that I will
purchase in bulk (to save money).  The more people to sign up, the
more money I will have to choose a larger selection of colors and

I plan to purchase an assortment of the following materials:
- Cyberlox (tubular crin)
- Dready wool yarn
- Rexlace (plastic gimp)
- Silky hair and yakky (frizzy) hair
- Other types of yarns and materials to be added as accents.

I will also have some synthetic dreads to add to your hair pieces for
accents.  You will not be able to make a full head of dread falls,
however, because each dread costs approximately $2 and a full head of
dread falls requires 40-60 dreads.

I will also purchase elastic bands, lace, bun pins and other stretchy
material to mount the materials to the falls.
I'll try my best to accomodate everyone's color choice, but bear in
mind that I had to make some guesses when I went shopping this weekend,
as I had only heard from a few of you beforehand.

Also, if you have any yarn, string, funky fibers, and/or headbands,
please BRING THEM WITH YOU (for your own hair falls or to share with
others).  The more selection we have to choice from, the more we will
love our new locks!

To date, I have purchased $150 in yarn (some wool and a lot of blends
in varying colors and styles), as well as $50 in hair.  Today, I will
place a small order for funky plastics and cyberlox.  If you can think
of some bizarre (lightweight material) to add to your hair, ANYTHING
GOES!  I just purchased some convulted, corregated, wire loom from Home
Depot, and hope to make a pony fall that resembles Medusa!

- Sherri
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